Refurbishing / Resurfacing

As you well know, tables are not that easy to come by and many board owners have a had their table in their establishment for many years, if not decades. The emotional attachment you have to your shuffleboard table is certainly understandable (at least to us, anyways). With time and use, the finish on shuffleboard tables can wear down, chip, crack or even just begin to disintegrate. If you are facing this problem, we can help.

Summit offers professional, full-service shuffleboard resurfacing / refurbishing and can have you with an amazingly-restored table in matter of weeks. We can even fix broken cradles where rails have been pushed in by patrons who simply don't know how to keep their person (and drinks) off of your pride and joy. We are so committed to getting you back in the game that we may even be willing to work out a trade-in deal with you so you can get credit towards purchasing a brand new Venture table. Don't worry, we will make sure your old table finds a great new home.

Concerned about missing out on games while we are taking care of your board? We even offer the service of dropping in a temporary plank or cabinet for you while we are bringing your table back to life. You won't find anyone making it any easier than that.