We Buy Gear

We Will Buy Your Old Table

In the unlikely event that you should want to sell your table entirely, we are 100% interested in hearing from you. Snap some photos with your phone and shoot us an email (sales@summitshuffleboard.com) showing us what you have and how much you are wanting for it. We have a team that will show up and take it off your hands without you lifting a finger. Again, we promise to find it a great home.

We Want Your Weights and Memorabilia

If you are one of the lucky individuals to have some old shuffleboard signage, weights, or other memorabilia, please call or email us and we will shoot you a fair deal on what you have to offer. We are continually in touch with other players that are looking for certain items and we are happy to do what we can to try to help everyone out. Thanks for giving us a shot.